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Target Audience: General Public
Mission/Goal: Provide cultural information and awareness of Filipino culture in Seattle and to embrace the uniqueness and rich heritage of the Philippines.

Pinoy206 front cover.jpg

Pinoy 206 is a publication I created in response to a class assignment where I had to choose a feature that is unique to Seattle and build a magazine prototype around it. Although there was a lot of research, interviews, writing all the content and producing the illustrations and photography, I enjoyed it because I was able to share the Filipino culture in Seattle. I shared some Filipino food spots in the city because not a lot of people in Seattle know there that there are some local Filipino restaurants in town. As well as asking Filipino-American’s what it’s like being Filipino in Seattle.  



In this assignment we had to include all contents and graphic elements for the following:
+Cover Page
+Table of Contents
+Department Page
+Feature Spread
+Feature Jump Spread


Since my Feature is about Filipino culture in Seattle, I wanted to have what makes both places unique. So I included having the space needle in the front page and a cloud to symbolize the cloudy days in Seattle and the sun illustration from the Philippines flag. I wanted it to look and feel representative to both places.   


These are my initial stages of layout process and color choices. From my sketches, I took one of the mastheads lock up I made which is shown in the furthest left photo and decided to play around more to make it look more interesting until I was finally pleased with my final one. I made changes to my typography and highlighted the “in” part in Pinoy and also highlighted 206 below it. (206 is the area code for Seattle). Which reads as “Pinoy in 206” or "Filipino in Seattle"


In the beginning of the process, it was very crowded and had too much information. There was little white space so I wanted to make it look more breathable to the eyes enable to make it easier for the readers to be directed at certain visual design elements on the pages without their eyes wandering around.